Our Staff

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Scott Sokolowski


While interviewing a young candidate, Scott Sokolowski asked a simple question, “Why aren’t you wearing a suit today?” The candidate replied, “I can’t afford one.” Inspired by this individual, Scott decided to invest in an organization that would be dedicated to helping people find professional business attire to help them prepare for job interviews. As a result, he established the nonprofit organization Save-A-Suit Foundation in 2010.

Scott has been in the business of acquiring talent for over 15 years and truly understands the importance of making a good first impression. He has won several awards over the course of his career including the 2012 Fairfield County Business Journal’s “40 Under 40″ award for his outstanding efforts in serving the community through Save-A-Suit.

Scott also has a family history of serving in the United States military. His father and grandfather served in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard respectively, while he served in the U.S. Air Force for 6 years. Scott is passionate about helping our honorable veterans make a smooth transfer to a civilian career with the Save-A-Suit “Soldiers to Civilians” program.

Operations Manager

Alexis Carrera

Alexis Carrera

Alexis Carrera joined the Save-A-Suit team in 2011 as a volunteer. Because of his passion for helping those in need, he quickly excelled in the organization and is now the Operations Manager. Alex’s scope of work includes pursuing projects and events that support both the college and veteran communities. Alex ensures that every veteran and every student receives the support they need. He has been an asset and a key player in growing Save-A-Suit’s national operations.

Alexis is also bilingual and is fluent in English and Spanish. He manages the organization’s relations with Latino clients and communities. He was also featured on “Univision” for a Latin program promoting Save-A-Suit.

IT Intern

Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker joined the Save-A-Suit team in December of 2018 as an IT Intern. With his previous work experience as an IT Intern at Interim Healthcare and background experience in dealing with technical issues, he has built Save-A-Suit’s electronic inventory system from the ground up. Revolutionizing the way the Marketing Interns operate on a daily basis, Jeffrey has had a serious impact on the efficiency, organization, and neatness of the company. His other duties as an Intern include help with managing the website, managing E-Commerce websites such as Ebay, Poshmark, and Shopify, and fixing any printer, computer, phone, tablet, etc. issue that any employee comes across. Overall, he has played a vital role in the growth of the organization.

Jeffrey currently attends Western Connecticut State University as a Management Information Systems Major. He enjoys playing sports such as soccer and frisbee in his free time and is also very interested in the stock market and financial management.

Marketing Intern

Kristina Verde

Jeffrey Baker

Kristina Verde joined the Save-A-Suit team in January of 2019 as a marketing intern. With her prior work as a volunteer for nonprofits such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Relay for Life and other local charities, she has been able to help give insight and grow with Save-A-Suit. On a day to day basis Kristina list items on E-commerce websites such as Ebay, Poshmark, and Shopify. She is now working towards expanding the women’s listings.
Kristina is currently a junior at Western Connecticut State University, pursing a bachelor’s degree in business management with a focus of human resources; as well as a minor in psychology. She is a charismatic and eager to learn individual. With her free time she enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding and hiking and loves to be involved with many of the events on campus.

Marketing Associate

Julio Fajardo

Julio Fajardo joined the Save-A-Suit Team in August of 2017 as a Marketing Associate. Julio was a Computer Aided Drafting and Design Graduate from a Technical School. After deciding to shift career fields into the world of business, he found Save-A-Suit. Quickly adapting to the new environment, Julio took the position of a Marketing Associate and, while being a huge asset to Save-A-Suit, has been able to help the veteran community through the organization.

At the events held for the veterans, Julio takes on multiple roles from assisting the volunteers to working with the veterans directly by fitting them with the best possible business attire. He focuses on creating a hospitable environment for the veterans by ensuring that they feel welcomed and by expressing his gratitude for their service.

Marketing Intern

Patrick Ball

Patrick Ball joined the Save-A-Suit team in January of 2019 as a marketing intern. With
his prior work being a sales associate at a LA Fitness gym & a pool staff manager at a local
community pool. On a day to day basis, Patrick list items on E-commerce websites such as Ebay,
Poshmark, and Shopify. He is now working towards expanding the men’s listing.
Patrick is currently a senior at Sacred Heart University, pursing a bachelor’s degree in
business management with a focus of marketing. He has a lot of energy and is eager to take
insight from anyone. With his free time he enjoys competing in Wrestling competitions for his
school and teaching others at his local gym.

Marketing Intern

Stephen Gitto

Alexis Carrera

Stephen Gitto joined the Save A Suit team in January 2019 as a marketing intern. With his prior
work experience at his school Sacred Heart University’s athletic department and the Metro
Atlantic Athletic Conference, he marketed sporting events as well as plannd for those
events. He also helped implement different social media techniques to help promote those
events and wants to try to bring those experiences to the Save A Suit charity to help it grow.
While at Save A Suit, Stephen has been listing items on the E-commerce website eBay and is
hoping to help increase awareness of the Save A Suit Charity.
Stephen is currently a senior at Sacred Heart University and is perusing a dual degree in Sport
Management and Marketing. In his free time, he likes watching/playing sports and is looking
forward to graduating in May of 2019.

Internship Manager

Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes joined Save a Suit in December of 2018 as a volunteer and became an employee in January of 2019. Kate Manages our Internship program and is directly responsible for hiring and managing our interns. Kate has an extensive background in Human Resource Management where her main focus was Recruiting and Employee Relations. Kate also recently attended an Internship Career fair for students at Sacred Heart University located in Fairfield Connecticut. Our internship program attracts many students as students may receive college credit. If interested in our internship program, please feel free to email Kate at; katehughes33@yahoo.com

Marketing Manager

Connor Royle

Connor joined the Save A Suit team in January 2016 as a marketing intern. The experience was so gratifying that Connor decided to give back and help veterans by joining our team full time. Connor’s hard work and dedication has advanced him to the role of Marketing Manager. He currently manages the logistics operations for our global e-commerce platforms. Connor’s tech background makes him a key asset in developing and making progress within the organization.

When Connor isn’t helping veterans, he spends his time playing and spectating competitive online eSports. Connor is also currently a Senior at Western Connecticut State University and is working on his Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.