Ship-A-Suit to a Soldier

Companies or individuals may choose to sponsor veterans by donating financially to our cause. $50 allows us to ship a suit, shirt and tie (or a suit and a dress shirt for ladies) to a veteran in need. Our suits are valued at $400 on average


Individuals may sponsor a veteran at any time by simply clicking here and donating $50 to our cause. Once we receive your donation, we will ship a professional outfit to a veteran in need!

Corporations interested in sponsoring a group of veterans or multiple veterans may contact us at One of our representatives will be in contact with you within 5 business days.
Please send:

Company Name
Personal Phone
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Company Address
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Brief description of your inquiry.

Some of the veterans who have benefited from this program:


I don’t own a suit. I have an interview in two weeks and need a professional outfit. In the past, I had to borrow suits from people I know. Thank you so much!”
-Jefferson N., U.S. Army


“I am an unemployed veteran. I recently had to cancel a job interview because I did not have the proper attire. Now I look forward to interviewing in the future. Thank you Save-A-Suit for all you do!”
-Melvin M, U. S. Army